Replacing Johnny Depp in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will be Ewan McGregor, director Terry Gilliam revealed to Empire Online. He will be playing a modern day advertising executive who travels back to 17th century Spain. The titled character, Don Quixote, will be portrayed by Robert Duvall. The budget is set around $20 million.

Gilliam was set to direct the film back in 2000, but after a series of unfortunate mishaps; ruined audio, a flash flood that destroyed equipment and changed the appearance of the landscape, and the original actor playing Don Quixote, Jean Rochefort sustaining injuries — production was effectively canceled. It was the epitome of bad luck for the project.

It’ll be exciting to see Terry Gilliam and Ewan McGregor working together. And Gilliam is no stranger to small budgets; he knows how to wisely use the resources he has. Hopefully there won’t be any complications with the production this time. It deserves this second chance.