The Oath by SECRETS

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Here’s the music video and song The Oath by SECRETS. They recently released the music video for their old and new fans alike. What else is there to say other than it’s badass?

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Audio Post: Secrets

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Here’s my friend’s newly formed band Secrets with their song 40 Below. Like it? Then you should see them live for their first show at San Diego’s SOMA on March 5th.

More information and other websites on the band Secrets can be found on their official blog HERE.

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Audio Post: The Tangent

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Like some heavy jazz influence with your prog? Here’s progressive band The Tangent with their song In Earnest off their 2006 album A Place in the Queue. It’s a really chill album with some playfulness scattered throughout it.

Audio Post: HORSE the band

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With a group of friends I saw a band over a year ago (was it a year ago?) whose show still remains one of my favorites. It was intimate with a lot of crowd interaction.

Here’s HORSE the band with their song Big Business off their 2009 album Desperate Living.