The surviving members of Pink Floyd once again pulled off a surprise for fans. During Roger Waters’ The Wall tour, David Gilmour and Nick Mason made an appearance performing alongside Waters at London’s 02 Arena last night.

During Comfortably Numb, Gilmour made his appearance on top of the wall, playing lead guitar and singing the chorus, much to the roaring approval of the fans and a smile on Waters’ face.

Mason and Gilmour then joined Waters on stage to perform Outside the Wall — an intimate performance after how theatrical the rest of the night was.

Waters expressed interest in a reunion tour, but both Gilmour and Mason turned it down. It’s really unfortunate.

Nonetheless, the fact that they once again played together brought a big grin on my face — some of you know how much of a Pink Floyd fan I am. And come on . . . it’s heartwarming to see them acting playful towards each other on stage.

I’m still going to hold onto hope for a reunion tour — then, of course, do whatever it takes to be there for it.