One of the most memorable things about Battlestar Galactica was the music; it was very different than the music in other shows and even in film. It had an almost organic sound; not something you would expect in a sci-fi show. Yet, somehow, it beautifully fit.

The brilliant composer behind the music is Bear McCreary, who went on to compose for the severely underrated Terminator show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh, and more recently, the current television shows The Walking Dead and my personal favorite: Agents of SHIELD. It’s easy to hear just how versatile McCreary is.

SyFy had the pleasure to interview McCreary on his work on Battlestar Galactica; and if you were a fan, it’s a good read. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s still a good read on a wonderful composer’s mindset on themes and musical cues for television. Also, you should probably watch Battlestar.

You can read the interview HERE.