I was a fan of the Hellboy films. The character designs were wonderful — as was the characters themselves. Their personalities alone made them pop on the screen. They were likable; they were engaging.

So it was a little hard to picture a remake. Ron Perlman fully realized Hellboy on the screen. He clearly enjoyed the role. I  wasn’t too keen on the idea of someone else taking over the role.

Then some casting occurred a while back. David Harbour, who played the most awesome sheriff in Stranger Things was cast as Hellboy. I greatly enjoyed Perlman in the role and I very much look forward to Harbour having his take on the character. He’s just as likable on screen.

The Hellboy remake is planned for an R rating, but I can’t say that makes or breaks it for me. It gives them more freedom, which is good, but as long as that doesn’t give them the excuse to be gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous with the violence.


Here’s the photo of David Harbour as Hellboy. Part of me wants him to just act like the sheriff in Stranger Things the entire time. I feel like it would just fit.

There’s no release date yet for Hellboy, but I’m very much looking forward to it.