doctorstrangeSome more footage came out for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. And this time, we get glimpses of just how out there things will get.

The previous trailers showed us the reality-bending magic that Doctor Strange and others have — and it looked very similar to the dream sequences from Inception. It’s still a crazy sight but it wasn’t anything new. The footage now released makes the buildings bending and defying gravity look tame in comparison.

Of course I know there’s some of you that would rather be surprised in the theater about it, so don’t read on! And don’t watch the video down below.

Marvel teased us that the place Ant-Man was almost stuck in is something we will revisit in Doctor Strange, and they weren’t kidding. It’s that and dialed up even more. It can simply be described as trippy. Just look at it; the colors, the shapes, how Stephen Strange himself is manipulated and distorted and all. It’s enough to give Tony Stark an existential crisis.

This made me even more excited for the film. And knowing that Marvel now has two Sherlock Holmes and two Hannibal Lectors.

Doctor Strange unleashes in theaters November 4.

Hey wait — that isn’t that far away.