captainamericacivilwarAt this point we have all seen the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War, right? I know. It’s a silly question. Of course we have all seen it. The biggest surprise was the scene at the very end. You know which one.

For people not keeping up with Marvel Studios and Sony’s dealings, it came as a huge surprise when Iron Man called upon Spider-Man to disarm Captain America.

Spider-Man never before made his way into Marvel Studios movies for perfectly good reasons. The film rights belongs to Sony. Perfectly good reason, right? (I’m kidding! Don’t take my head off.) Sony felt their previous movies didn’t perform well, so they cut a deal, which allows Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Sony still makes solo films. It helps them both out; Marvel gets to use Spider-Man and Sony gets the exposure.

Since this essentially the third time rebooting the character, the costume needed a change to differentiate from the past incarnations. This new one looks very much like comic book artist (and co-creator of Spidey!) Steve Ditko’s version. And much like Deadpool, this Spider-Man has eyes that actually emote.

Actor Tom Holland is portraying Peter Parker this time out, who is nineteen. It’ll be the first time that Spidey is being played by an actual teen — and this time out he’s firmly in high school.

This brings up an interesting thought: Tony Stark has Spider-Man taking part in his argument-turned-battle against Steve Rogers. You can tell by his voice that Spidey is much younger than the rest. Stark has to know that he’s just a kid. And there’s something very wrong about that.

Yet, it kind of makes sense. Stark clearly has daddy issues. And in Iron Man 3, he treated a child badly. Sure, he bought him a bunch of cool stuff, but ultimately, he was abusive. So it’s a natural progression that he employs a kid to fight a bunch of adults. How military of him.

Iron Man is clearly dubious in Civil War. I didn’t even get into his hypocritcal stance that’s shown in the trailers.

Captain America: Civil War unleashes in theaters May 6.

It’s also clear whose side I’m on.

Team Stark, baby.