The other day, Ryan Reynolds had a mock interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez about Deadpool. Fans of the comics – including Reynolds himself – sorely wanted an R-rated movie. Deadpool, after all, has gratuitous violence and inappropriate humor. Great, inappropriate meta-humor.

What I’m trying to say is that Reynolds revealed that yes, Deadpool is R-rated. Cue a collective sigh of relief. Except from me. I wanted a family friendly PG-13 movie. I’m very disappointed – okay, I’m kidding.

Watch the video. It gives us a beautiful glimpse of Deadpool in action. And that costume. It’s spot on.

Oh, and, days ago, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld took posted a photo of himself with Ryan Reynolds on set, captioned with a faith for the people working on the film. It’s gotta be a huge compliment for them – the creator’s excitement for seeing his character come to life – the correct way.

To go a little further – actually, do not continue reading if you don’t want a little, kinda spoiler – photos recently surfaced of Ryan Reynolds on set looking not-so-handsome. So yes, it looks like Wade Wilson won’t be attractive; he’ll be all personality. And guns. And pointy things.

I can’t wait and I know you can’t wait either.

Deadpool graces theaters everywhere February 12, 2016.