GameofThronesS5PosterIf there’s one thing that Game of Thrones is good at, its ending a season on a cliffhanger. Well, that and killing off characters. And good acting. And good writing. And, and, and.

You know the drill. If you aren’t caught up, don’t read any further!

King Joffrey revealed how bloodthirsty viewers were for the brutal death of a child, and Tyrion murdered his controlling father . . . While he was on the toilet. The Lannisters had themselves a Stark-like season; with their family numbers falling a bit. Tyrion fled on a ship with Lord Varys. It was sad, really, considering they both said they wanted to protect the realm that they had to leave.

But where does that leave our unlikely heroes/villains/something? By which I mean, what is their destination?

If you read the books, hush, you! I’m only on the second book.

A new poster is circulating online showcasing our favorite imp, and what’s that shadow? It kind of looks like a dragon. Does this mean doom for another Lannister? Or does it mean he’s about to align himself with the Mother of Dragons?

Now I can’t help but imagine Tyrion mounting a dragon and holding a sword high above his head, roaring into battle with witty quips.

Game of Thrones returns April 12 on HBO.

I really, really cannot wait.