heroes_title_cardHeroes Reborn is returning on NBC, with the intentions of telling a new story with a new cast. Well, aside from the fact that Jack Coleman is reprising his role as Noah Bennet. Oh, and Masi Oka is also coming back as Hiro Nakamura.

Is my pessimism showing yet?

Hiro was a fun character for the first season. He was naive but he meant well. But upon thinking about it, maybe he only wanted to save people so that he could call himself a hero. He was in love with the role more than anything. In fact, it was his friend Ando who turned out more heroic.

I’m going off on a tangent. I’m sorry.

For the first season, Hiro was a fun character. He had optimism and child-like wonder. And we got a glimpse of Future-Hiro, the bona fide badass. Unfortunately, throughout the series, he never went through character development. He stayed child-like. Even literally at times. That’s where my pessimism comes in. I’m afraid we’ll have that same Hiro again. Cue screams of “Yatta!” and romanticized being a hero.

Frankly, I’ll still watch it. Heroes was a glorious train wreck. I can’t wait to see the continuation of the series that wasn’t afraid to show how not to make a TV show.