nicholasdagostoI already changed my tune on Fox’s show Gotham after seeing the first episode at Comic-Con. Now the show is official in its first season, a few episodes in, and I’m really liking it. A lot. If it wasn’t enough, they just cast their Harvey Dent.

Nicholas D’Agosto of Masters of Sex has joined Gotham as Harvey Dent. If you didn’t know him from there — like me — then you probably remember him as that irritating character, West, on Heroes. You know, the guy who flew his way out of Claire’s life and the show. Literally. Nonetheless, the casting for Gotham is spot on.

In the show, Harvey Dent is a young Assistant District Attorney. Much like Gordon, he wants to rid the city of crime. But we all know his fate. It’ll make an interesting contrast to a young Gordon. They’re two sides of the same coin. Just one becomes corrupted. Horribly.

If Gotham gets a second season, we’ll see more of D’Agosto’s Harvey Dent as a series regular.

Fox, I’m giving you another chance. Don’t break my heart again, Anakin.