heroes_title_cardYou can’t keep a bad thing down. NBC is bringing back their hit series (that went downhill, oh, so fast) with Heroes Reborn. Their first victim is Jack Coleman reprising his role as the no-longer-mysterious company man, Noah Bennett.

I’m hoping Coleman is the only one who will become a series regular. It makes sense. He was the face of the company that was pretty much policing people who had special abilities. Especially Sylar. He was special.

NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt mentioned that others might make appearances. Hopefully that means just a special guest appearance. The original plan for Heroes during its first run was focusing on a different cast for each season, but they instead stayed with the same one. It suffered from it. Plots became contrived.

There I go again.

But really – maybe this time they’ll go through with the original idea. I can’t wait to see which comic book plot they rely heavily on this time.