thanosI’m behind on posting this. So behind.

Marvels’ The Avengers ended with a stinger (after credit scene) that revealed who was pulling Loki’s strings; and arguably one of Marvel’s more fearsome super villains: Thanos.

Since the inception of Marvel’s films – starting with the first Iron Man – one of the main ideas besides the formation of The Avengers is the team facing off against Thanos. Different powered objects known as Infinity Stones were featured in different Marvel films, which were revealed to being collected by someone amusingly named, the Collector. The reason behind the collection of the Infinity Stones is Thanos, who, like in the comics, intends to place them in an Infinity Gauntlet that immensely empowers him. All because he loves Death. And nothing courts Death like killing in droves.

There’s only a couple movies left in Phase 2 and it wasn’t until recently that the part of Thanos was finally cast; actor Josh Brolin has taken the role. Aside from the acting experience, he has the jawline for the part. And frankly, Marvel is great at casting. I’m really stoked that Brolin will portray the Mad Titan.

Brolin’s first appearance (or voice acting?) as Thanos will be in – do you really want that spoiled? That or you already know, in which case I don’t really need to tell you.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is getting larger. And it’s gonna be so much more fun.