Did you think Transformers was over after the third film? I hope not, because the teaser trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction is out. Gone is Shia LaBeouf and his “No, no, no!” and in his place is Mark Wahlberg with his, “What? Nooo . . .”

All of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies were interesting for very different reasons than the cartoons a lot of us grew up with. Despite being the heroes, the Autobots were portrayed as bloodthirsty for Decepticon blood. Especially Optimus Prime. He lived for war.

Now in the Autobots’ crosshairs, in front of their blades, bare fists – you get the point – are Dinobots. It’s a little confusing. In the cartoons they were good guys. In Age of Extinction, we’re seeing Optimus brutalizing who looks to be Grimlock. Unless that’s how they domesticate Dinobots.

No, Bay didn’t ruin my childhood. He took what was essentially a toy commercial and made a brilliant satire. Talk peace; crave war – whoa, is Optimus having another temper tantrum?

I’m hoping the very last movie will have the earth finally kicking every Transformer off the planet. The warmongers preaching peace and instilling fear need to go.

Until then, Transformers: Age of Extinction releases in theaters June 27.