supernatural9The CW’s Supernatural is a go for a 10th season, and it has an upcoming spinoff show. Entitled Supernatural: Tribes, it follows two mafia-like families in Chicago. The catch is, they are monsters. Unfortunately for them, there’s a hunter in town.

The spinoff brings Lucien Laviscount from Skins, as Ennis Roth, described as a police academy trainee, who, much like many other hunters, becomes one after a tragic occurrence.

As one of the members of the families? Nathaniel Buzolic, as shapeshifter David Hayden. If you watched The Vampire Diaries, he played Kol, one of the original vampires. And if you watched that show, you would find it exciting that he’s in Tribes. I might be projecting, but you’ll come around.

The basic premise sounds a little like The Originals; two factions vying for, ultimately, control of the place. Although, that is probably where the similarities end. It’s a Supernatural spinoff after all.

The first episode will appear as the backdoor pilot on the 20th episode of Supernatural, where they will branch out — oh, the date? April 29.