It seemed like NBC’s Heroes became a distant memory, but in case we forgot, it’s coming back to haunt us. It was the show that I loved to hate, but I tried to forget. I can’t now, since NBC decided to revive it.

NBC was apparently so nostalgic (And wanting in on that sweet, sweet comic book craze.) that they’re bringing showrunner and creator Tim Kring back in the fold for another installment of Heroes.

Heroes Reborn will first introduce new characters in a digital series before throwing them into the main storyline of the actual television show. I’m sure that means we’ll have inconsequential characters and story arcs that ultimately go nowhere. In other words: I’m expecting more of the same.

Is my venom showing?

The first season had missteps, but it showed a lot of promise. It had compelling characters and the looming threat of a mysterious villain. Then the second season happened. It introduced a new charismatic villain; a manipulative one; completely different than the first season’s. But that’s where my compliments end. The rest of the show was falling apart. Newly introduced characters weren’t interesting, so they were quickly dropped and forgotten. Then the writers’ strike occurred and it cut the season short.

The writers’ strike was seen as the problem for the lackluster second season, so it was easily forgiven. It was a plausible reason. Then the third season happened. And it was clear there was no definite direction or endgame. It would be a surprise if the writers were even on the same page. Every other episode was a retcon. It felt like a writer penned an episode with the thought of, “Try to write your way out of this one!” to another, or simply wanted to “click undo” on character or story progression.

It was all downhill from there until the final season, which tried to fix some of those mistakes. But at that point it was too late for a lot of fans. It wasn’t worth it when things were being reset at a moment’s whim.

But that’s what made Heroes so fun to hate. It was a weekly lesson of what not to do in storytelling. And I must admit that I’m looking forward to Heroes Reborn bringing those lessons back. It’s special.