godzillaposterThere’s exciting buzz around the new Godzilla movie that’s coming soon. Breaking Bad star, Byran Cranston, instead of playing a chemistry-teacher-turned-drug kingpin, will portray a scientist-turned-drug — I’m kidding. He’ll be a scientist. With him, are Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.

But what about Godzilla? I’m glad I asked. We caught glimpses in the trailer that was released, coupled with his iconic roar. And now, a poster was released showing the massive scale of the monster that changed it all. Clearly, this version could easily stomp on the horrible “Zilla” from the last American Godzilla film.

I am very much looking forward to Legendary Pictures’ version of Godzilla; it has strong actors, the character design is heavily influenced by the classic, and the disaster shown in the trailer gives weight to what Godzilla is capable of.

The film tramples theaters May 16.