jesseeisenbergI was apprehensive ever since the sequel for Man of Steel became a Batman Vs. Superman flick. It could easily be seen as suspect after Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman — then there was the ridiculous backlash over Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Casting continued to throw people off: Jesse Eisenberg will portray Lex Luthor, and Jeremy Irons will be Alfred Pennyworth.

My knee-jerk reaction is the complete opposite of Affleck’s casting. While for him, I had flashbacks of Daredevil (Don’t worry, I thought of the recent Affleck afterward.) but with Eisenberg, all I can think is that it’s fantastic casting. He’s proven he can play an intellect in The Social Network, with a one-track mind and inability to connect with others. It almost seems like a perfect progression towards the Lex Luthor mostly known in the comics, and in a way, Smallville too.

Jeremy Irons playing Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, is pretty telling. Not just casting such a talent, but the fact that we’re not only going to see Batman; we’re going to see his closest confidant. Unless Alfred is traveling with Bruce to Metropolis, we’re going to see Wayne Manor, which means we’ll see the Batcave.

I have to say again: this movie is either going to blow us away, or it’s going to be a hell of a train-wreck. Either way, it’ll be thoroughly entertaining.