galgadotFor months now there’s been rumors that Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman movie would feature other superheroes as well. On top of that list was Wonder Woman.

It wasn’t too surprising that it was the truth. Wonder Woman is in Batman Vs. Superman. (Title still pending.) Gal Gadot, of Fast and Furious fame was announced as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film. Snyder shared his thoughts:

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

It’s clear that WB and DC want to catch up to Marvel by having their own team ups and a shared universe for their superheroes. The difference is they want to throw their characters on the screen now, instead of a slow build with each character having their own film as an introduction.

We know Batman won’t be new on the scene; he’ll already be a veteran in crime fighting. The public is well-versed in his origin. But Wonder Woman? Not so much. Unless everyone watched the Justice League cartoons. Hopefully they do her justice. (Pun intended. Please forgive me.) Aside from that concern (and that the movie has a lot of potential to be a train wreck) Gadot can hold her own. She’ll bring a memorable Wonder Woman on the big screen.