The second trailer for RoboCop was released recently, giving a better look into the premise.

The previous trailer showed us actual robots used in combat, so why would they want to put a man in a machine? Robophobia, as Samuel L. Jackson’s character puts it. America doesn’t want robots policing their cities. It isn’t farfetched. Would we want drones flying over us? Heck no. But a pilot in a jet? What? Is that an airshow overhead? How exciting! You kind of get my point.

There’s certainly some satire in the trailer, which is great, since the original is known for that. Although, the remake doesn’t seem to have the ultra-violence the original is also known for, but in a way it kind of makes sense. The original was made during a time when ultra-violence was the norm for action flicks; it satirized them.

I’m looking forward to RoboCop. Especially with the stellar casting.

RoboCop polices theaters February 12, 2014.