For a while now it’d be hard for anyone to not come across news that Matt Smith is leaving BBC’s popular and long-running show, Doctor Who. Normally, you’d expect his last appearance in the final episode of the new season, but of course that isn’t the case. Instead, his version of the Doctor will regenerate during the Christmas special.

But who will replace Matt Smith? Okay, okay, I’ll stop prolonging what you already know. Today in a live-event, BBC announced Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.

It seems like they’re changing directions with Doctor Who. The most obvious being the age difference. Smith was in his mid-twenties when he was cast, while Capaldi is 55.

Judging from the video BBC released (who isn’t jumping the gun right now?) Capaldi’s version of the Doctor will have a hint of menace. That or he’s just so sinisterly happy to play the Doctor. He’s been a huge fan since childhood, played Caecilius on Doctor Who, and John Frobisher in the spinoff, Torchwood. You know he’s thinking, “Finally”.