supernaturalseason9The season 9 premiere for the CW’s Supernatural is October 8, and kicking things off is a promo photo with the Winchesters and Castiel.

Actor Misha Collins, who portrays our favorite fallen angel, was bumped up from a reoccurring role to a main cast member. More Castiel is always a good thing, and without his grace — rendering him powerless — makes it easier to have him around. He’s no longer a cheat code for the Winchesters.

Others speculated that Castiel will change his attire for the new season, but I find it hard to humor the idea. Previous promos had him in a black coat, but he still wore his signature trench coat in the show. But who knows? Maybe his clothes will regenerate this season.

So much for not humoring the idea.

I am very much looking forward to season 9.