xmendaysoffuturepastThe casting for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past does not seem to end. On top of First Classand the original trilogy’s, there’s additional characters thrown in the fray.

Now joining (or against) the X-Men are Bishop, Warpath, and Blink.

Bishop, as many fans of the comics or 90s cartoon remember, is a time traveler who goes to the past to warn the X-Men about the future events that puts the world in chaos.

Warpath is an Apache Native American with superhuman strength and speed. He didn’t take part in the comic story arc, so I’m curious to see how he fits into things.

Blink? She’s capable of teleportation, much like Nightcrawler. Speaking of Nightcrawler, it was rumored that Alan Cumming would reprise the role after James McAvoy mentioned him to Heat Radio. But seeing as how Blink is in Days of Future Past, it’s safe to assume that Nightcrawler won’t make a return.

It’s a little concerning with how big the cast has become. One of the complaints about X-Men: The Last Stand was the amount of characters. It was overwhelming and majority of the mutants felt half-assed. After all, their powers basically became super strength and leaping really high.

I’m still looking forward to the movie, but I have a bad feeling we’re going to endure The Last Stand: Part 2.

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases in theaters July 17, 2014.