aldrich killianFans are treated with new posters from Iron Man 3 while the opening comes closer. One showcases Don Cheadle as James Rhodes donning the Iron Patriot armor. And as you’d guess, it’s much more patriotic than his War Machine armor. But don’t worry, like Stark, Rhodey will wear more than one suit.

Who is on the other poster? Newcomer Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian, the creator of the nanotechnology known as Extremis — which is also the name of the graphic novel that Iron Man 3 takes influence from. He certainly has an intense look; a very Patrick Swayze intense look, and it works.

Director and writer Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  — which just so happens to star Robert Downey Jr. — has taken over the reigns of Marvel Studios’ flagship property, and he’s more than capable. In fact, I’m very excited by that; as excited as I am about seeing Robert Downey Jr. gracing the big screen once again.

Iron Man 3 rocks theaters May 3, 2013.