thecwGood news and bad news from the CW! In one of the earliest pickups for television series, shows Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are renewed for another season. The bad news? Their new show Arrow was also renewed.

Before the announcement it was unclear if Supernatural would continue forward, since Jensen Ackles’ and Jared Padaecki’s contracts were up after this season. But then again, why wouldn’t they sign on for another season? The show has been going strong for almost a decade, and with a massive following. They signed a multi-season deal.

The CW’s strong support for the three genre series could steer the focus towards even more genre shows. All the more better, really. Plus I’d love to see Supernatural‘s budget massively increased. Why not?

Now I’m really looking forward to Comic-Con this year, knowing that both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries will obviously have panels.