ironman3tonystarkYesterday the official Iron Man 3 Facebook page released a new poster featuring a battle-worn Iron Man and a fleet of Iron Man armors taking flight. Although heavily damaged, with Tony Stark’s shoulder and hand exposed, the armor he wears is still powered on. It more than hints that Stark was injected with the Extremis virus — wait, you don’t know what Extremis is and don’t want to know spoilers? Then do not continue reading.

The Extremis virus allows Tony Stark to telepathically control his technology. His armor that is heavily featured in the advertisements is supposedly the first armor that allows him the ability. It explains why it’s still usable despite the heavy damage.

But what about the fleet of armors behind Stark? The armor he wears is dubbed the Mark 47. Suffice to say, Stark was a busy man after the events in The Avengers. It makes sense since he saw firsthand others who were able to overpower or stand toe-to-toe against him. So why is there a fleet behind him? A rumor that wasn’t exactly put to rest yet is that Extremis not only allows Stark to control the Mark 47, but allows him to control multiple armors at once, even if he isn’t physically in them.

If the rumor is true, I’d say Tony Stark is overpowered, but despite his new abilities, he’s still struggling for his own survival.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3. I really cannot wait.