fantasticfourIt was safe to assume that Fox would abandon the Fantastic Four property after its lackluster performance in the box office. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case. Okay, maybe not unfortunately; just maybe. Matthew Vaughn, who brought us X-Men: First Class, is on board as the producer for the reboot of Fantastic Four. Josh Trank of Chronicle has joined to direct.

It’s starting to sound promising. The only worry now is casting. But Fox may make more of an effort, since Marvel Studios and Sony have upped their game with their comic book movies.

And on the topic of casting, I say don’t bother recasting Johnny Storm; let Chris Evans reprise the role. He was the only memorable thing in the previous films. Why not? Besides the fact that Evans is Captain America in Marvel’s films.

The reboot for Fantastic Four is slated for release March 6, 2015.