guardiansofthegalaxyMarvel Studios has completed their “Phase One” of films, and they’re most out there movie was Thor, which dealt with other worlds and gods. It ventured the furthest from realism, but do we really want realism in our comic book films? Well, aside from Nolan’s efforts with The Dark Knight trilogy. Now Marvel is continuing to push towards fantasy with Guardians of Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a group of interstellar heroes formed to protect the galaxy — as you would guess. But what you wouldn’t guess is that none of the characters are human. Or you probably did, but that’s not the point. The point is Marvel is going all out with “Phase 2”. Realism be damned.

James Gunn, of the hilarious horror, Slither, will direct the movie. And the first actor cast is Chris Pratt of Zero Dark Thirty and Parks and Recreation, who will portray the leader, Star-Lord. Marvel Studios seems to love their actors named Chris. And when I said none of the characters are human, I meant that Star-Lord is half human.

Guardians of the Galaxy fully brings the fantasy side of Marvel, August 1, 2014.