draculaNBC is putting a new spin on Dracula with their new show; it’s taking Bram Stoker’s Dracula and putting him in 1890s London, posing as an American entrepreneur named Allen Grayson. He intends to carry out revenge against those who ruined his life centuries ago, while bringing “modern science” to the Victorian era. But there’s one problem: Mina is reincarnated as a medical student named . . . you guessed it! Mina. So obviously romance blooms and puts a damper on Grayson’s plans.

Jessica De Gouw, of the arguably horrible show Arrow is cast as Mina Murray. She joins The Tudors‘ Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who will portray Allen “Dracula” Grayson.

The NBC series sounds almost like The Count of Monte Cristo, with the rich man seeking vengeance. Maybe they took some inspiration from that? After all, they are both Counts.

And now I want a Count of Monte Cristo series.