zombielandIn 2009 a unique movie called Zombieland hit the theaters with biting humor towards zombie films. The writing was witty, and the movie had a cast who had brilliant comedic timing. It had a self-contained story and didn’t feel like it needed a sequel. Regardless, there were attempts.

There’s been talks about a sequel for the past couple years, but nothing came to fruition. Until now that is. Amazon is producing a Zombieland series that will be on its instant video service. It makes sense from a business standpoint — they’ll compete with Netflix, who are producing and showing new Arrested Development episodes. Online video sites are trying their hand in producing, which is always a good thing. The more competition means better quality and selection for viewers.

Nevertheless, a Zombieland series has a lot working against it. It won’t have Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, or Abigail Breslin reprising their roles. And it was their on screen chemistry together that made the film so enjoyable.