dylanmcdermottI didn’t realize what I was missing until I finally watched American Horror Story recently. And by “watched” I mean I binged through the first season in one night. It was twisted, captivating, and of course, horrific. Actor Dylan McDermott displayed acting skills and a look that fit perfectly in the horror genre — how many times can I say “horror”?


McDermott was cast in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Gramma, which is retitled Mercy. The story revolves around two brothers who join their mother to help take care of their grandmother. The kicker? Their grandmother is a witch who used black magic years earlier. And as anyone would know, that’s never a good thing — unless it’s Disney or a witch named Sabrina.

Where was I? Oh yeah — so McDermott will portray a married man who still harbors feelings for the brothers’ mom. I’d make fun and say he seems to like playing characters with a penchant for infidelity, but the fact of the matter is, McDermott is brilliant at emoting conflicting feelings for another. I’m stoked that he’s making the leap to horror on the big screen.

There’s no concrete release date yet for Mercy, so in the meantime I’ll be watching American Horror Story: Asylum.