Something about Robert Downey Jr. seems to pop up in the news throughout the week. Or throughout the month. But do you see me complaining? Of course not; I’m too busy raving about it — anyway!

Pinocchio is the next fairy tale that’s getting the film adaptation treatment. The story was always entertaining, and a movie will certainly live up to expectations with Downey as Geppetto. It isn’t official yet, but Downey has shown interest in the role.

Another man showing interest in the project is director Tim Burton. Kind of a given since it’s right up his alley. Though I sincerely hope that if he gets the directing gig, he doesn’t go overboard with his usual whimsical and weird style for the sake of being weird. I also hope he realizes there’s more in the acting pool than his wife, Helena Bonham Carter and his mistress, Johnny Depp.

All jokes aside, Downey and Burton working together would be a first. It’d be very interesting to see how their chemistry would work for Pinocchio.

Screenwriter Jane Goldman, who had a hand in Stardust and X-Men: First Class, will write the script.