For years actor Hugh Laurie graced TV with his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House on House, and the series concluded just this year. But fret not! Laurie is in talks to star in a new NBC show.

Another doctor show? Or maybe a cop procedural? Okay, I’m being sarcastic. Actually, Laurie is in talks to play Edward Teach, otherwise known as the pirate Blackbeard, in Crossbones. I would say that came out of nowhere, but NBC loves its genre-specific shows.

In Crossbones, Blackbeard leads a rogue nation of pirates, thieves — you get the drill.

If Laurie does star in the pirate show, it’d mean he’d finally get to use his real, British accent. Which will be something different for American audiences who became used to his accent on House.

I really hope this project pulls through. Hugh Laurie is always a joy to watch on TV. Seeing him as Blackbeard would be incredible. Not to mention, you know he’d perfectly embody the role.