A little obsessive on Iron Man? Just a little bit. Iron Man 3 is making its presence known this week with promos fully in gear. Today an official poster was released, featuring Tony Stark in part of his Extremis armor facing towards his previous armors. Coupled with the poster is the release of the first photo of Ben Kinglsey as the Mandarin.

In the comics the Mandarin is Chinese — really obvious with the name alone — but Kevin Feige of Marvel gave some details on the film’s interpretation of the villain:

“It’s less about his specific ethnicity than the symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end.”

The film’s version of the Mandarin sees himself as a teacher towards the world, one who manipulates and uses terrorist tactics for his harsh lessons. In the comics he discovered 10 rings that gave him different powers, but in the movies, Ten Rings is the Mandarin’s terrorist organization that helped Tony Stark’s adversaries; from kidnapping Stark in Iron Man to helping Ivan Vanko get in the U.S. in Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 3 releases in theaters May 3, 2013.

If that’s too long to wait — like it is for me — the official trailer hits tomorrow to keep us preoccupied.