The Expendables 2 hasn’t even hit theaters yet and producer Avi Lerner is already gearing up for the third movie. This of course means more additions to the cast, and who wouldn’t want that?

They’re in talks with Harrison Ford to join for the third installment; along with approaching Clint Eastwood as well. Lerner mentioned they’d love to get Wesley Snipes too — well, as soon as he’s out of prison. Nonetheless, I couldn’t agree more. Snipes would make an excellent addition.

For concrete news? Nicolas Cage will play a role in The Expendables 3. What else is there to say? The man always gives it his all — insanity or not — but he is always a pleasure to watch on-screen. And really, he’d make an incredible villain in the film.

Should we hope for that? Yes, yes we should.

The Expendables 2 opens in theaters August 17.