Director George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road continues picking up speed with more photos making their way online. One of the more interesting vehicles? A truck that is literally loaded with a plethora of speakers.

It’s good to see that the vehicle designs in the new Mad Max movie is keeping the feel of the previous films instead of going for a more sleek, futuristic style. Afterall, it’ll keep the films relatively cohesive with each other.

Tom Hardy takes over the mantle for Mel Gibson, with Charlize Theron playing one of the “Five Wives” who Max helps travel across the wasteland. And of course, we know a lot of driving will take place. Aside from that, nothing else is known about the premise.

But hey, the names Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are enough to pique moviegoers’ interest — or I’m just speaking for everyone. Either way, they’re both strong actors who will bring a lot to the table — or car.

Photos of more Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles can be viewed HERE.