The Lone Ranger has been having its share of troubles since filming began. Disney initially halted production due to the project going over budget. So the director, Gore Verbinski, agreed to cut scenes and his own pay; star Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer also agreed to cuts to bring the cost down.

So what’s the problem now?

Despite the adjustment, production is once again going over the budget. And that’s not the only problem. They’re supposedly weeks behind schedule. So Disney is again asking for Verbinski to cut more scenes to bring costs back down — and most likely to bring things back on schedule.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise. Verbinski is known to blow past budgets on films, as he’s done with Pirates of the Caribbean — not to mention the BioShock movie that was dropped because of the rising price.

One of the biggest reasons for The Lone Ranger going over budget? Apparently period trains play a significant role in the film and Verbinski insisted on constructing trains from scratch rather than dress up existing ones.

You would think Disney would know with Verbinski’s track record that he’d wildly throw money into projects — but then again, Pirates of the Caribbean was a massive success. So it’s easy to see why Disney would risk his trigger-happy spending.