I was hesitant to write about the speculation a lot of fans are having about Marvel Studios’ direction with a character in their films — but hell, I’ll throw a little fuel on the fire as well.

If you haven’t watched The Avengers yet, (who in this world hasn’t seen it yet?) definitely do not read . But if you have, this is a rumor that could end up true, so read on if your curiosity is too strong.

Spoilers ahead:

Since 2008’s Iron Man, Clark Gregg portrayed our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Phil Coulson. In each movie after, Coulson made an appearance in some form, acting as a metaphorical glue for the films. In Marvel Studios’ biggest and highly successful effort in The Avengers, Coulson met his demise by the hands of Loki.

That certainly didn’t stop our love for the character. Rumors were spread that it won’t be the last we see of Agent Coulson. In fact, speculation slowly grew about the direction the character will be taken in.

In the comics, one of the most frequent heroes in The Avengers is Vision.

Who is Vision, you ask?

To sum it up quickly, Vision is an android with the implanted brain patterns of a deceased superhero. His powers? He’s capable of expelling energy as optic beams, along with the ability to change the density of his body.

Sounds boring, right? Wrong. With this ability he can lower his density to the point of phasing through objects. So imagine him phasing his fist through someone’s chest, then changing himself back to normal. Yeah. Then he can of course manipulate his density higher, giving himself super strength and durability.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

The fan speculation is that Vision will become one of the newest additions to The Avengers. And whose brain pattern is a better candidate than Agent Coulson’s? The Avengers already considered Coulson as one of their own — and he’s a fan favorite.

The rumor didn’t stop with fans, but found its way to actor Clark Gregg during an interview. He humored the idea, saying he’d still want to wise-crack if he’s brought back.

The thing is though, Agent Coulson is a perfect candidate to become Vision. He was always calm and collected. He wise-cracked, yes, but he did it in a reserved way. It fits perfectly with a sentient android.