Seven years ago WB and DC tried to get a Justice League movie into production. It went as far as casting the parts of Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash. But as we can all tell, the film didn’t pan out.

So it’s no surprise that once Marvel kicked things heavily into gear for The Avengers that WB would have another try at bringing their superhero team on the big screen. In fact, WB anticipated the success of The Avengers and hired Will Beall to write the Justice League screenplay.

It’s gonna be one hell of a try at their own superhero team film. DC’s only recent success is Batman, but it had no connection to a bigger universe like Marvel’s past films had. Green Lantern didn’t fare well and felt miscast (Ryan Reynolds should have played the Flash) and it’d be a surprise if Man of Steel will connect to Justice League.

The other hurdle for the movie is the fact that each member is practically godly with their powers. It’ll be hard to pull off a sense of danger for the heroes. The only one grounded is Batman, who is only at peak human condition with a high intellect.

Nevertheless, I’m very curious to see how this pans out.