Unfortunately for Bond fans everywhere, the filmmakers of the new movie Skyfall made a deal with Heineken USA to advertise their beer. Does this mean James Bond won’t be asking for his usual martini; shaken, not stirred? Sadly, most likely.

You can’t really fault Heineken for wanting this. It’s a chance to advertise to millions of people through a very popular character that many men aspire/pretend to be like. It’s a smart marketing move.

The producers for Skyfall though, you can place blame on. James Bond is a long established character with particular tastes. There’s certain traits that fans expect from Bond despite what actor plays him. His penchant for martinis is one of them.

The producers are blatantly lying that it’s a good deal for the franchise, but why wouldn’t they? Their thoughts of, “Money, money, money!” wouldn’t translate well with the fans of 007. They’re delusional to think that there won’t be any backlash for the decision.

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4/9 EDIT: I need to clarify that Bond won’t necessarily stick to Heineken throughout the film. The deal calls for at least one scene with the man ordering the beer. So it’s safe to say he will still drink his usual martini.

Thanks to Trisha for the heads up!

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