Despite footage and photos showing The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man wearing nothing, director Marc Webb assured fans that it won’t necessarily be the norm. Like the comic book counterpart, The Lizard will don the lab coat at some point in the movie. At least, that’s the impression Webb is giving off with his answer of, “

[…] you won’t be disappointed”.

During the same interview, Webb explained the choice in using The Lizard as the villain in the new film:

“There was a moment where I asked: what is this movie about? At the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker has a missing piece: his parents. It’s this thing that’s left him. His desire to find that motivates him and drives him and sets him on his path. For the Lizard, Doctor Connors has a missing arm, which sets him on his path. There’s this symmetrical theme in Curt Connors being the literal embodiment of the movie’s theme: we all have a missing piece. How we look to fill that void is how we define ourselves. It made sense. After I figured that out, it was a logical choice.

Obviously, Curt’s morality is looser than Peter’s turns out to be, but their motivations are quite similar. They just evolve and manifest themselves in different ways.”

There’s also the fact that the previous Spider-Man movies had Doctor Curt Connors and practically teased fans with a Lizard appearance. It’s ultimately good timing and reasoning.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in theaters July 3.