Strangely enough, 20th Century Fox has not given up on their Zorro property, which last had a movie in 2005 with Antonio Banderas. But instead of taking place in the past along California and Mexico, the new film will jump forward to a future, post-apocalyptic setting.

Entitled Zorro Reborn, Gael Garcia Bernal will portray the titled character. Although, this version of Zorro is out for personal revenge as opposed to the usual out-for-justice version we’re familiar with.

It’s somewhat of an interesting take, but it just makes me think of The Phantom instead, which the premise was there is always a Phantom for each generation. And there was a fun cartoon years back with The Phantom in a future setting battling corporations.

Nevertheless, Zorro Reborn has potential. Just make Antonio Banderas an elder Zorro who passes down the mantel. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense. Make it happen.