Courtesy of Chelsea Valentine

Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles walked on stage while the audience in Hall H cheered wildly. He soaked it in as only Ackles could, then in a jerk-like demeanor told the crowd, “Alright, shut up!” And of course the audience quieted down, but not after laughing at Ackles’ playfulness.

Ackles introduced the Supernatural panel by talking about his second time directing an episode. It was a surprise since last year he said it was quite the experience but he essentially isn’t cut out for it. The difference between that episode and the one for the new season? His first time directing he was barely in the episode, while on the new season he’s still very much in the episode but still needing to direct.

Showrunner Sera Gamble, writer Ben Edlund, and cast members Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard joined Jensen Ackles for the panel.

In particular fashion, the cast were relentlessly making fun of each other. Gamble mentioned that they want to bring in something that would scare the Winchester boys — Padalecki cut in and said Misha Collins shirtless scares him. Collins retorted, “I think you’re mistaking jealousy for fear”.

Collins elaborated on now playing a god and paraphrasing, “After getting to know me, Sera realized I should play a god. Very method. God-hood comes very natural for me.”

The topic of death came up and Ackles took over the conversation, mentioning, “I died like forty times in one episode. ‘Oh no! I died again!'”

On the topic of Crowley, Collins said that Castiel’s plans for Crowley are known early on. During it, Sheppard kept sliding Hershey’s Kisses towards Beaver while giving him suggestive looks. The audience demanded another kiss scene between Crowley and Bobby, which prompted Beaver to defend himself proclaiming that kiss scenes between him and Crowley are over. Sheppard made a face and slid another Kiss towards Beaver while he raised his eyebrows at him.

During the Q & A portion a fan expressed he likes how much the cast members emote on the show. Ackles replied he appreciates that others notice their efforts at expressions. Furthermore, they said they’d love to shoot a scene where the brothers communicate solely with facial expressions.

Ackles was repeatedly asked questions, which led to Padalecki saying that he’s upset that Ackles is getting questions and not him.

Spoilers? Death will make a return in the new season — supposedly confronting new-god Castiel. Also making a return are Sheriff Mills and Jo.

A fan asked that despite their arsenal of weapons in the Impala’s trunk, they have never used the grenade launchers or throwing stars. Ackles and Padalecki instantly shot looks at Gamble and Edlund, demanding to know when they can finally use them — adding that they’d love to use the throwing stars against “Jefferson Starships”.

The panel for Supernatural came to a close with season six’s hilarious blooper reel — which included a scene where Collins refused to eat a worm by saying, “I’m not gonna eat it — that’s gross,” but didn’t hesitate to wear as a moustache.

Supernatural returns September 23 on the CW — and I cannot wait.