Ethan Hawke has recently been cast in the remake of Total Recall. He joins star Colin Farrell, who will play Douglas Quaid; and Bryan Cranston, who will portray antagonist Vilos Cohaagen. Hawke’s character isn’t known yet and it’s apparently just a cameo.

Both the original and the new film take from the premise of the novella We Can Remember It for You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick as its main source of inspiration. It deals with a man named Douglas Quaid, who purchases a dream vacation from a company that sells implanted memories. He then believes he’s a spy, but doesn’t know if he works for Euromerica or New Shanghai.

Euromerica or New Shanghai? The original dealt with Mars, but the remake will instead involve two nations that are at odds. Some might be hesitant towards the change, but a new take on the plot will keep it fresh instead of offering a shot-for-shot remake.

And come on . . . Bryan Cranston is playing the antagonist. What more could you want? (Don’t you dare say the obvious.) The remake has a lot of potential and it will definitely differ from the original.

(Heat Vision)