Iron Man 3 director Shane Black will also write the screenplay for the movie. And apparently Robert Downey Jr. will contribute to the story as well. Seems fine to me since Downey has great interest in the character and was repeatedly seen buying Iron Man and Avengers comic books.

The studio was displeased with Iron Man 2 being a “two men in iron suits fighting each other”, and, according to Black, the third film would feel more like a Tom Clancy thriller. If any superhero makes a perfect fit for a Tom Clancy thriller, it’d be Iron Man — and it’s hard not to put trust in Shane Black after his work on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Supposedly Marvel Studios’ plan for their films is to let each movie focus on its own superhero after the Avengers hits. A shared universe is a hell of an endeavor, but the idea of containing crossovers in specific films will keep them special; keep them as a big deal. Though, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional cameo or reference of other superheroes and villains.

(Comic Book Movie)