Florian Gallenberger will write the screenplay and direct the film on the scandal of 80s popstars Milli Vanilli. This will be the German-born filmmaker’s first Hollywood movie.

German record producer Frank Farian hired dancers Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan to be the face of the singers of a band he put together; portraying them as the actual singers for the songs. Their looks were used to propel the songs on the charts. Rumors gradually spread that they lip-sync onstage; leading to empirical evidence when during a live performance, the recording they lip-synched to began skipping. The duo panicked and fled the stage.

Rob and Fab then had a change of heart and refused to promote another album unless they get to really sing, but Farian opposed it and revealed the charade to the public. The two attempted a legitimate music career despite the shame, but eventually the scandal overcame Rob who died from a drug overdose.

As an 80s kid, I am genuinely looking forward to the film. Milli Vanilli were huge and the scandal felt surreal; no one involved was innocent, and it ended tragically.

Gallenberger won various German film awards, including an Academy Award for his short film Quiero Ser — the story of Milli Vanilli is in good hands.