Jon Favreau has stepped down from directing Iron Man 3 to sprearhead Disney’s Magic Kingdom film. So who’s going to wield Robert Downey Jr’s witty charm? Writer and director Shane Black has taken over the director seat for Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3.

Black and Downey are no strangers to each other — Black co-write and directed the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which helped restart Downey’s acting career. And let’s face it: the snappy and witty dialogue in that film is a perfect fit for the persona of Tony Stark.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a thoroughly entertaining film, though it hasn’t showcased the grand action scenes that Iron Man will call for. But who knows? Marvel Studios has been taking chances since the first Iron Man, and they have yet to disappoint.

Robert Downey Jr. is the embodiment of Tony Stark, but if Marvel Studios lets Shane Black co-write as well, then Iron Man 3 has a huge chance to topple over the first film.