The remake of Total Recall by director Len Wiseman will differ significantly from Paul Verhoeven’s version. Instead of being a scene-for-scene remake, Wiseman’s will more closely follow the novella We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick.

The novella had no space mutants or Mars — so no, they won’t make an appearance in the remake.

Colin Farrell will star as main character Douglas Quaid — or revert to the original name Douglas Quail.

“Yeah, I saw some of the artwork, some of the pre-visualization stuff of the world that

[Wiseman’s] folks are creating. And it’s really beautiful, really really cool. And I’ve had a good experience telling Philip K. Dick stories. Well, I’ve only had the one experience, but Minority Report was such a blast. Yeah, this could be a lot of fun.”

— Colin Farrell to MTV

I’m interested in seeing how different Farrell’s portrayal of Douglas Quaid will be from Arnold Schwarzenneger’s. After all, Farrell plays his roles more straight while Arnold is the king of one-liners.