Last week a rumor spread that composer Hans Zimmer would score Zack Snyder’s Superman film. It wasn’t an odd rumor considering Superman is produced by Christopher Nolan, whose last three films were scored by Zimmer. The man himself cleared things up on Superman:

[…] John Williams, the greatest living composer — full stop. And that happens to be one of his greatest themes. So no. And I’m not thinking of rewriting Beethoven’s ninth either. It just sounds like a thankless task, you know? So that’s unequivocally a no. I have never spoken with Zack Snyder.”

-Hans Zimmer to The Hollywood Reporter.

Zimmer does have a point: The Superman theme composed by John Williams is a classic that’s synonymous with Superman. It could potentially hurt the new movie to compose a new theme. Whoever composes for the new movie should write compositions for scenes, but keep the theme intact.