Christopher Nolan confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises will be the last Batman film that he and Christian Bale will work on. Nevertheless, Nolan said in an interview that he’s happy to work on the third and final Batman movie.

“I must say that I’m glad—I’m very, very glad—to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way.”

-Christopher Nolan

Now the question on people’s minds is whether Warner Brothers reboots the franchise or not. It shouldn’t be necessary. Comic books continue moving forward with their stories despite getting new artists and writers. Why not do the same with the films? It’s limiting to keep rebooting comic book movie franchises and retelling the same stories. There’s decades worth of stories that could translate well onto film.